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Benefits of window dressing - A dining room protected from the harsh outdoors with window dressings

10 Benefits of Roller Blinds for Melbourne Homes

Why indoor and outdoor roller blinds are great window treatments

As any Melbourninan knows, our weather is unpredictable. With a climate that can change quickly—or even several times—in a day, it can be tricky to maintain a constant comfortable temperature inside the home. Fortunately, choosing the right type of window dressing can help, which is where roller blinds come in. Also called roller shades, our roller blinds are made from strong aluminium tubes and fabrics, and made to be installed on either the inside or outside of a window. The versatility and other benefits of roller blinds make them perfect for the ever-changing Melbourne weather conditions.

Roller blind benefits: Our Top 10

Take a look the 10 most important advantages of installing roller blinds in your Melbourne home:

1. A flexible solution for temperature control

A well-insulated home is a comfortable home. Indoor roller blinds help control the heat by creating a barrier between your windows and the air inside the room. When it’s cold outside, they prevent the warmer air inside from escaping and the cold air from coming in. In the same way, when it’s hot outside, the cool air inside is prevented from escaping while the hot air remains outside.

In summer, outdoor roller blinds are better able to reduce heat gain in your home than indoor roller blinds. That’s because they are mounted on the outside of the window, so they prevent sunlight from falling on the glass and entering the room. Windows remain cooler, which helps keep your home cooler too. Motorised blinds can work with a sun sensor to automatically adjust and reflect the sun’s rays during the hottest times of the day, so your home remains cool without you having to continually adjust the blinds.

Both indoor and outdoor roller blinds help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, no matter what the weather brings!

2. Reduce energy usage and power bills

Heaters and air conditioners are often used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during winter and summer. If roller blinds are used to help to regulate room temperatures, your heating and cooling systems may not need to be used as often. By using less energy to keep the temperature consistent inside, you can save on your power bills in the long term. 

3. Maximise light control

Roller blinds offer great control over how much light enters your home. They can be made with blockout, translucent or sunscreen fabrics, which help keep out harmful UV rays while allowing you to regulate the amount of light you want to let in. Apart from the light-filtering qualities of the fabrics, adjusting the blinds by having them rolled up or down at different heights can increase or decrease the amount of light entering your home.

4. Choose the level of privacy you want

Different roller blind fabrics offer different levels of privacy. Your choice will be dependent on whether you want privacy from people being able to look in from the outside, or a complete sanctuary. Sunscreen fabrics can provide different levels of privacy or visibility to the outside depending on their openness rating. Fabrics that are translucent and sheer give a touch of privacy while still allowing natural light into the room. Blockout fabrics work well for rooms that need complete privacy from the outside, or to achieve darkness at night to make falling asleep easier.

5. A durable solution for wet and dry areas

The roller blinds manufactured here at SOM Blinds are made to last. When comparing blinds, make sure your blinds are made using the appropriate sized aluminium tubing  custom-sized to match the measurements of your windows. Making sure your blinds are manufactured to suit the size of your windows is essential to minimise the risk of your blinds sagging, which is what happens when the tubes used aren’t sturdy enough. This perfect fit reduces the risk of tubes bowing, and the high-quality fabrics we use reduce the risk of fabric sag. Our fabrics also resist UV rays, even when constantly exposed to sunlight. The quality of our products also makes them suitable to use in wet areas like patios and bathrooms, as well as in living spaces and bedrooms. 

Our SOM60 Motorised Blinds can be recovered if you ever want to change your fabric colour or type. This also reduces landfill and waste. 

6. Great coverage for large windows

Do you have large windows in your home? Roller blinds are an excellent option for dressing large windows—blinds produced by SOM Blinds can cover a maximum window width of 3200 millimetres with some of our premium fabric ranges. We can install multiple roller blinds using a unique link bracket system, meaning two or more blinds can be positioned side by side.  

If you are wanting to motorise your blinds, multiple linked blinds can be operated by a single motor. Fixing two sets of blinds onto one link bracket also reduces the light gap between them, further increasing the level of privacy in your home. To minimise light penetration, our roller blind junctions would always be placed over your window mullion, which is the solid vertical part of your window frame between adjoining windows.

7. Simple to operate

Whether your roller blinds are manually operated or motorised, they will be easy to operate. Multiple blinds can be linked and operated together. This means you don’t need to open and close every blind on every window in a room separately, which can be both tedious and time-consuming. 

Our motorised roller blinds can work with Somfy remote controls or your automation system, making them especially suitable for those with limited mobility and the elderly. They are even easier to use when automated and integrated with your smart home system. Once automated, they can also be controlled using mobile devices. A major advantage of having your roller blinds automated is being able to manage them when you’re away or on holiday so it looks like you’re still at home.

8. Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning and maintenance of window treatments can be a headache as they will collect dust over time–especially curtains. Curtains may require regular washing or dry cleaning to keep them clean and in good condition. But roller blinds are almost maintenance-free. They can be dusted and kept clean with minimal effort—using the soft attachment on your vacuum cleaner is our favourite way to keep our blinds dust-free. Being easy to clean also makes them cost-effective, as professional cleaning services are rarely required.

9. Versatile and decorative

Indoor and outdoor roller blind fabrics come in a diverse range of colours, while effectively filtering light and providing you with privacy. The variety of textures, styles and patterns make them versatile and easy to colour-coordinate with your home decor. Whether you prefer a bold look or a neutral shade, our design team at SOM Blinds can help source the right colour and design to suit your home.

10. Timeless window dressing

Roller blinds that are well-designed and custom-made to fit your windows can enhance the look of your home. Their appearance can be subtle or a feature and can be concealed into customised pelmets if required. They can be coordinated and colour-matched with the interior or exterior of your home. Well-chosen blinds can also add to the property value of your home if you plan on selling in the future.

Beat the Melbourne weather with high-quality roller blinds

Are you ready to take advantage of all these roller blind benefits? Have a chat with SOM Blinds in Melbourne to find a window treatment solution for your home. We manufacture high-quality roller blinds that are always custom-made for your home or project, featuring premium fabric. Call us on 03 9808 1807 today and let’s see how we can help you.

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