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The Latest Trends in Curtains and Blinds for 2024

Inspiring window furnishing and design trends for your Melbourne home

This year, Melbourne homeowners are presented with a wide range of interior design and decor options to help improve comfort and enhance functionality while achieving a fresh new look. Updating your window treatments is the perfect place to start, as they can quickly create a chic or bold statement to transform your living spaces while meeting your lifestyle needs.

Curtains and blinds can be customised according to your taste and personality, making your home uniquely yours. Be inspired by this year’s latest trends in curtains and blinds including delicate patterns, vivid prints and clever designs. 

11 Blind and curtain trends for this year

Updating the interior of your home for a new look can be fun! Revamp your home and modernise your window furnishings by browsing the latest curtain and blind trends on the market. Here are some of our favourite innovations, bringing you the best in style, functionality, versatility and personalisation. 

1. Go natural inside and out

Window coverings made from natural materials are already familiar in interior design. However, this year, we are seeing a steady rise in their use. Deeper, richer shades of natural stone, marble and terracotta are the preferred colour choices that best complement the look and feel of natural fabrics. 

Earthy colour palettes are also excellent for adding visual warmth. Try pairing linen colours with deep greens, plums and dusty reds to incorporate this aesthetic with your curtains. The Pantone Colour of the Year is Peach Fuzz—delicately balancing pink with orange, it has already become a popular choice for curtains, Roman blinds and other soft furnishings.

2. Bold and beautiful

While natural curtain fabrics in earthy tones continue to be favoured choices, there’s also a surge in flamboyant and maximalist designs—totally opposite to minimalist! At the other end of the spectrum, sumptuous velvets in flashy colours, leopard prints and zebra patterns are making a comeback as daring, stunning alternatives.

For instance, pairing midnight-blue silk with Aztec-patterned sheer curtains makes a striking choice for those who want to create a bold statement with their decor. Exploring the numerous combinations in this design trend and discovering exactly which eye-catching blend of textures, patterns and colours works best for your interiors can be an exciting process.

SOM Blinds customers have access to our in-house interior design consultant. This makes it easy and convenient to view various options in person and exchange ideas on which tones and fabrics will work best for your home.

3. A broad spectrum of texture

Textured fabrics are quickly gaining popularity for their ability to inject depth and warmth into a room. Materials with a tactile quality can enrich the overall atmosphere of your spaces, from natural open weaves and embroidered fabrics to linen or velvet. Using a variety of contrasting textures for your window coverings works very well, especially if you layer two or more types of curtains or blinds that are used for different purposes. This will draw attention to the look and feel of your living areas, thus increasing the sensory experience. Create calm, soft and inviting spaces with the defining characteristics and appearance of fabric textures–the options are endless! 

4. Layered colour combinations

Over the years, single-hue rooms have become less and less common. The current trend is all about layering colour schemes by mixing and matching various shades and tones. Rather than sticking to one neutral or solid colour, the focus is on choosing two or three different tones that work well together to add interest.

Warm palettes are dominating the interior design scene, complemented by traces of cooler tones. This welcome shift from ranges with more monochromatic hues to dynamic combinations with bolder shades makes colour choices more versatile. Experiment with matching curtains and sheers in different but complementary shades to create a combination that adds interest and individuality to your interiors and decor. 

A lovely white-theme room in Melbourne, with sheer curtains as window furnishings

5. Metallic touches

If you love a bit of bling and a touch of opulence, you’ll definitely adore this emerging trend. Including metallic accents in your interior decor is once again becoming stylish and fashionable. Infuse a touch of glam into your window coverings with metallic tones and textures. Curtain and blind fabrics with glimmering metallic threads, lustrous beading, grommets or eyelets are among the more popular options. These attractive, shiny details that immediately catch the eye can instantly turn your windows into statements of luxury and sophistication. 

6. Light and minimalism

More interior designers are favouring a futuristic look in 2024, achieved by using a minimalist approach to create calming spaces with lots of light. Think crisp whites, gently reflective fabrics, ethereal patterns and soft finishes–these are some of the classic choices to help you nail this ultra-modern look and feel. 

When selecting blinds and curtains for your rooms, go for materials with a subtle sheen and softly flowing fabrics that will easily reflect light. Cloth types like these can create and maintain an airy, serene ambience. Fabrics with watercolour or faint abstract patterns and prints can also have a minimalist look while helping to achieve a light, bright atmosphere.

7. Custom-made versus cookie-cutter

The home decor market is filled with countless cookie-cutter looks and styles influenced by mass-produced furnishings. This look sticks to safe colour palettes and uniform finishes, resulting in predictable interiors and floor plans where the excitement of personalising your home with one-of-a-kind finishes is lost along the way. However, the focus for 2024 is shifting away from generic options to using soft furnishings that are customised just for you.

Use tailored blinds and curtains that match your lifestyle and home to cover everything from big bay windows to skylights. As specialists in bespoke window furnishings in Melbourne, our team at SOM Blinds can design a personalised solution that matches your specific needs and preferences according to the latest window trends and interior design vogue. 

sheer curtains

8. Be practical

Many people are now making more practical decisions about window furnishings to meet their lifestyle needs. Motorised skylights and exterior blinds are popular choices for Melbourne homes because they are easy to operate and can be set to open and close at specific times of the day. 

Installing high-quality curtains and blinds also helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside your home. This is especially useful both during the heat of summer and on cold Melbourne days and may also mean using less power to keep the temperature comfortable indoors. Reducing energy consumption throughout the home can lead to savings on your electricity and gas bills over time.

Automated blinds fitted to the kitchen area for a smart home build

9. Soft-fold Roman blinds

Roman blinds have long been an attractive choice for Australian homeowners. While they come in various styles, soft or relaxed Romans are becoming the preferred option. This option neatly stacks up when raised and sports a smooth look when lowered over your windows. They can be made from various fabrics, including sheer and blockout, depending on the amount of light or level of privacy you need. 

With a vast selection of fabrics, compositions, prints, patterns, textures and colours to complement your decor, soft-fold Roman blinds easily achieve a modern aesthetic in your rooms. They are often used in the dining room, living room and bedrooms but can work just as well in the kitchen.

10. Automation all the way

Smart setups like automated window furnishings—including blinds, curtains, and awnings—are proving to be ultra-convenient. They also help improve energy efficiency by making it easy to protect your home against the elements or immediately adapt to changes in the weather. Program your window coverings to open and close automatically and manage them remotely from your phone or tablet while out of the house or away on holiday, no matter where you are!

11. Make sustainable choices

Making environmentally conscious decisions is an increasing trend among homeowners, architects and interior designers. Eco-friendly products are designed to reduce wastage and adverse environmental effects, and window furnishings are no exception. 

Blind and curtain fabrics and materials can be sourced, manufactured, packaged and distributed sustainably, causing minimal environmental harm while still supplying homeowners with high-quality products. Strong and breathable, sustainable fabrics have proven to be practical and effective window coverings that can withstand Melbourne’s weather all year round.

The SOM Blinds team sources a broad range of eco-friendly fabrics in various patterns, textures, styles and prints from our expansive network of local and international suppliers. Ask us about the latest samples we have in stock or available to order.

Update your window furnishings to match your life and style

Choose a reputable specialist, and you’ll get the most out of your window coverings. With over 21 years of experience, SOM Blinds is a motorised curtain and blind expert. We consult closely with you, your interior designer, builder or architect to tailor a functional, convenient and customised solution to suit your Melbourne home and lifestyle. View our extensive range of the latest fabrics, colour swatches and products at our showroom in Burwood. Book a consultation with our design team by contacting us through our website or calling us on 03 9808 1807 today. 

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