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External Blinds


privacy | sun protection | energy efficiency


Motorised External blinds using sunscreen or blockout fabrics are a great way to improve the energy efficiency & comfort of your home.  

Do you have large west & north facing windows?  Intercepting the suns rays before they hit your windows can decrease sun damage to your floors & furnishings.  


Motorised external blinds are an easy to operate, convenient solution to shading windows where internal blinds just don’t cut it.  Maybe your window is too high to reach, too small or just won’t look amazing with an internal blind! 

Stopping the sun’s rays from hitting the glass from the outside makes a huge difference especially on west facing windows. Reduce your energy costs by keeping the heat out in summer.

The same goes for skylights that can sometimes in summer let in too much heat. A sunscreen blind over your skylight can cut down on glare whilst still letting in plenty of light. A  retractable blind over your skylight will allow you to still benefit from the additional sun during winter months.

Privacy and/or total blockout for bedrooms can be easily achieved using an external blind system.

Our aim is to come up with solutions that are sometimes outside the house.MO

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