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Motorised External Blinds for your Melbourne Home


Outdoor blinds: An energy-efficient motorised shading solution

Motorised external blinds using sunscreen or blockout fabrics are a great way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

If you have large west and north-facing windows, outdoor blinds can stop the sun’s rays before they hit your windows. This helps to moderate the temperature inside your home while decreasing sun damage to your floors and furnishings. 

Folding Arm Awnings & Markilux Awnings Stockist - a double story house with an awning and blinds covering the windows
External Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne - a swimming pool with awning and closed external blind

What are external blinds and what are outdoor blinds used for?

External blinds are window coverings mounted on the exterior of the window frames designed to provide sun protection and greater privacy. The two types of external blinds are folding arm awnings that protect the shaded area below and standard external blinds that protect the windows and doors of a property and stop the sun’s glare from damaging internal furnishings, especially near west and north facing windows. Outdoor blinds can be made from specialised materials to filter the sun or block out light completely. They are available in a vast range of colours to suit your architectural style and preferences. External awnings can help maximise the use of your outdoor space, including entertaining, shading patios and sun protection over alfresco areas.

The advantages of installing external blinds

There are many benefits to having outdoor blinds. The three main advantages for Melbourne homeowners include: 

1. Easy to use

Motorised external blinds are easy to operate, especially for windows that let in a lot of sunlight, face the street or are difficult to reach from outside. When automated, your external blinds can open and close at certain times of the day, such as when the afternoon sun is at its peak. They can be set up to operate remotely from your device or programmed to open and close when you are out of the house or on holiday. By adding weather activated SOMFY wind, rain or sun sensors, your blinds can automatically operate as the weather conditions change.
External Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne - view from outside a house with blinds half lowered coving the windows and porch
External Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne - a wooden wall of a house with a window covered by an external blind

2. Improved energy efficiency

Using external blinds to stop the sun’s rays from hitting the glass significantly reduces the amount of heat entering your home. Lower your energy costs by keeping out heat in summer, especially on north and west-facing windows. 

Installing a sunscreen blind over your skylight can cut down significantly on heat and glare while still letting in plenty of light. A retractable blind can be opened for additional sun during winter.

3. Added privacy and security

Extra privacy or total blockout for bedrooms and living areas can easily be achieved using an external blind system. Outdoor blinds on windows that face busy streets allow you to enjoy all your family moments in private. 

Programming motorised external blinds to open and close automatically at certain times of the day can enhance the security of your home. When away from home or on holidays, external blinds can give your home the appearance of being occupied.

Four reasons to integrate motorised blinds with your home automation system

Integrating blinds with a smart home system gives a range of benefits:

Manage motorised blinds effortlessly through your smartphone or tablet. Easily adjust all your window coverings with a few taps on your device, including external blinds, plantation shutters and curtains.

Improve your smart home experience by integrating motorised external blinds with platforms like Somfy Tahoma, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit using Siri, and control your blinds with simple voice commands.

Experience the freedom of adjusting your blinds while shopping, at work or on holiday. Remotely managing or pre-programming motorised blinds to open and close at specific times of the day lets you adapt your home environment to changing conditions, providing security, energy efficiency and comfort from anywhere in the world!
Streamline your home management by centralising control over your internal and external motorised blinds. This helps maintain ideal lighting levels and ambience throughout your home.
External Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne - outside view of a house with outdoor grey blinds that are closed

SOMFY controlled blinds and sensors

Our motorised external shading systems can be operated through SOMFY remote controls, including the new TaHoma Switch, which centralises control of all your window furnishings via a single device.

Installing SOMFY wind, sun or rain sensors to work with your automated external blinds offers even more convenience. The sensors trigger the blinds to open or close as needed, protecting the inside of your home without any action from you.

Frequently asked questions and answers about motorised outdoor blinds

Here’s what you need to know about installing motorised external blinds in your home:
The cost of outdoor blinds depends on factors including materials, window size and automation requirements. For a more accurate cost estimate, our detailed quotes take the features of your home and unique lifestyle needs into account.
Outdoor blinds are generally meant for sun protection and shading, so they ideally shouldn’t be used as protection against heavy rain. When it’s windy, we always recommend retracting external blinds to help prevent wind damage.
External Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne - outside view of a house with blinds fully dropped covering the windows and porch

Why choose SOM Blinds for external blinds in Melbourne properties?

Since 2002, our team has developed a strong reputation built on trust, innovation and customised solutions backed by quality service and premium products. Here’s why you should choose us to supply your blinds:
Integrating outdoor blinds and awnings with your smart home system can provide a lifetime of convenience. SOM Blinds specialises in motorised window coverings, including retrofitting where possible, and our technical team can seamlessly integrate them with most smart home systems including CBUS, Control4, KNX, Fibaro and Dynalite.
Our long-standing relationships with local designers and reputable suppliers in Australia and abroad means we offer a diverse range of the latest patterns, timeless designs and fresh looks combined with high-quality materials. Discover the ideal material, style and colour combination for your outdoor blinds and awnings, from Australia’s Zipscreen and Solare Verticali to Europe’s Renson and markilux designer awnings from Germany.
We also use local suppliers for many of our motorised outdoor blinds, giving us flexibility and control over delivery times to suit you. We offer both manual and motorised options, easy replacements for blind parts, and even future colour changes for our durable external blind systems! Ask for a quote if you need to change the colour after upgrading your home.
If saving energy is important to you, consider a recessed fit for your external blinds. Our team collaborates with you and your design specialist to create properly sized and constructed fixtures that help improve overall energy efficiency by effectively blocking gaps where heat can enter.

We’re passionate about our custom outdoor blinds and window-covering solutions for Melbourne homes. Our dedicated team helps you throughout the process from consultation and design to installation and post-sales support. We can work closely with you and your electrician to ensure the correct wiring specifications for motorised external coverings. Our design consultants keep up with the latest trends to help you create a fresh and personalised look for your home. Take the guesswork out of installing external blinds by tapping into more than two decades of our experience. 

Motorised external blinds: Effective solutions for Melbourne homes

SOM Blinds has specialised in supplying high-quality external blinds that fit the needs and lifestyle of Melbourne homeowners for over 21 years. We supply and install motorised external blinds in homes across Melbourne, from Port Melbourne to Sandringham, including Brighton, Caulfield, Glen Iris, Malvern, Camberwell, Kew and Glen Waverley and the Mornington Peninsula. Contact us on ​​03 9808 1807 or make an appointment to visit our showroom in Burwood to view our wide range of outdoor blinds in action.
External Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne - view from outside of a wooden house with a swimming pool and glass doors
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