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Motorised External Venetians provide a modern solution to protecting large expanses of glass. External Aluminium Venetian blades are fully adjustable. The blades or louvres can be adjusted to reduce glare, maintain your view or privacy & improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer into your home or office. External Venetians can be integrated with your facade to create a modern, streamlined finish.

We can fully automate & integrate your External Venetians using your existing Home Automation System, Somfy Remotes or with the new Somfy Connexoon app on your phone. With wind & sun sensors we can program your External Venetians Melbourne wide to automatically protect your home & reduce your energy usage by controlling the amount of heat & light entering your home.

External Venetians are fully retractable for those sunny winter days when you want to let the warmth of the sun flood in. We are happy to talk to you & your architect or building designer to discuss ways that your Venetian stack can be fully concealed leaving your window completely clear when venetian blades are fully retracted.

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