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A wooden exterior home with dark roller blinds on the second floor of the building

The Park House in Malvern East

external venetians in custom made shroud

The Park House Project designed by architects tenfiftyfive and built by Plan to Build is still one of our favourite external venetians projects

The Park House Project designed by architects tenfiftyfive and built by Plan to Build is still one of our favourite external venetians projects

We love tenfiftyfive’s ethos based on the William Morris quote 

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

We think that this should equally apply to your window furnishings.
Motorised roller blinds concealed in recessed pelmets on windows


East Malvern, Melbourne, VIC

Modern addition and renovation of period Home


The window furnishing solutions for the extension to the Park House needed to provide privacy while still allowing visual access to park, garden & pool views within the property.  

Energy-efficient cross ventilation was also a priority.  

The architect aim was to keep the interior of the modern addition free from the clutter of internal blinds or curtains but understood the function of window furnishings that they needed to provide to those who would be living in the Park House.  

Using external venetians, and concealed motorised blinds they have successfully achieved this.


External venetians were part of the early design brief from the architect and early planning and consideration to how they would be installed enabled them to be beautifully integrated within the façade.  

Motorised External Venetians provide a very functional but dramatic feature to the modern addition to this park side home in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Malvern East. These external venetians were expertly planned for with our design team working together with the architect and builder and not as a last minute decision.  

These are the jobs we love, everything planned, specified and implemented during the build to ensure the installation is mm perfect. Having the structure and wiring documented and specified as part of the build avoids any costly and time consuming delays that can occur when early design consideration for window furnishings haven’t been undertaken. 

Builders we work with regularly now prompt their clients to come and see us to discuss their window furnishings if they haven’t already been specified by their architect or building designer. 

A wooden exterior on a home with recessed pelmets and roller blinds

Your choice of blinds and curtains inside and out will sometimes need to be very pragmatic but this does not mean that they can’t also be beautiful!  Ideally your window furnishings shouldn’t be so elaborate they provide no function at all.  

Tenfiftyfive’s use of motorised external venetians in a way that they very effectively provide privacy, light control and design wow.  We believe the most successful window treatments are those that complement the architecture of your home.  When all of the factors that window furnishings are designed to address are carefully considered in relation to each individual window and room, that’s when the magic happens!  

Each window comes with its own set of requirements due to its size, its orientation, the use of the room and the other finishes within the space.  They all need to complement each other and work together and that’s what we think was so successfully achieved at The Park House project.

The Park House Project is definitely one of those homes where the design team just got it right!

A room with a window nook with blinds helping to keep the home energy efficient


tenfiftyfive architect Troy knew what he was doing when he chose to integrate external venetians into the façade of this contemporary new rear addition.  

Motorised external venetians were the perfect choice for the first floor park facing windows. Combined with custom made steel shrouds the external venetians provided the perfect solution to address the brief.  They provided privacy, access to views and energy efficiency.  

The box window shrouds used in this project don’t just look great from the outside, they have been designed to cleverly create stunning box seating inside the upstairs bedrooms utilising this otherwise dead space.  When being used for bedrooms we recommend you choose blades that interlock to provide almost 100% light block.  


A close up of automated external Venetians blinds in black

Privacy, access to views, light control, energy efficiency – Automated External Venetians

External Venetian on first floor window_SOM Blinds

Privacy, reduction of morning glare – Motorised Roller Blinds concealed in recessed pelmets on east facing windows

An outdoor area with windows without window furnishings facing onto the street

Existing period rooms facing the street – Timber Plantation Shutters

External Venetians
Motorised Blinds
Timber Plantation Shutters

If you’d like to discuss window furnishing options for your new home or renovation or perhaps you’d like to update your existing blinds and curtains to better suit your home and lifestyle call us on 03 98081807 to make a time to chat with one of our design team. 

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