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Best Window Furnishing Ideas and Latest Trends

Explore fresh window furnishing trends for the modern Melbourne home

Whether you’re at the exciting stage of building a new home or renovating your current one, choosing the right type of window treatments as early in the process as possible may be more valuable than you think. Making the right choices early will ensure you have all the wiring and construction details right and can add unique character and visual interest to your home interior while providing effective light and privacy control, improving energy efficiency and a host of other benefits.

Find inspiration to personalise your spaces by opting for a bold new touch or a subtle, timeless finish with these window furnishing ideas that cover the latest trends for Melbourne homes. 

Five of the best window furnishings to consider

Curtains, blinds and shutters have a significant impact on the look and feel of your rooms, adding depth and transforming them from plain and ordinary to elegant, welcoming or homely. Each type of window covering has distinct advantages, and some coverings are more popular or versatile than others.

Here’s a roundup of the five best window treatments for your Melbourne home: 

Order External Venetian Blinds - the outside view of a triple story house with two wrap around balconies

1. External Venetian blinds

External Venetian blinds are timeless window coverings that can instantly enhance the look of your property. Their signature horizontal slats are made from aluminium. Motorised external Venetians are steadily gaining popularity among Melbourne homeowners–these blinds work well for heat control, effectively helping to regulate the temperature inside your home. They are also very simple to operate, and their elegant design offers a modern finish to your home’s exterior. 

2. Honeycomb blinds

Cellular or honeycomb blinds are an attractive option with their neat appearance and snug fit—they can be installed either inside or outside the window frame. They’re also well known for their thermal efficiency properties as the accordion-like structure helps to trap air, acting as a buffer against the colder or hotter weather. If energy efficiency is one of the most important goals for your home, honeycomb blinds are highly recommended. Another excellent advantage is that they can help reduce noise, helping to keep your indoors peaceful and calm.

3. Roman blinds

Romans are among the all-time favourite choices for window treatments, and it’s easy to see why–they have a timeless, minimalist look, are very simple to operate and maintain, and can be made from a broad selection of different fabrics, styles and prints to match a vast range of interior design choices. Roman blinds are made to fit neatly onto your windows, meaning they don’t take up any additional space which makes them ideal for windows where there is minimal space around them for curtain stacks.

4. S-Fold curtains

S-Fold curtains, ripple-fold or wave-fold curtains, can be a sleek and stylish addition to your rooms. They open and close like regular curtain from side to side, and can be motorised and automated. They sit in a smooth, continuous ‘S’ shape, making them ideal to modernise any space, from the dining room and living room to the master bedroom. S-Folds can help make small windows in your home appear larger, and they work well with a range of different fabrics to provide the perfect ambience.
A lovely white-theme room in Melbourne, with sheer curtains as window furnishings

5. Aluminium shutters

Plantation shutters are highly durable and a classic choice to dress up your windows. They’re also among the most highly sought-after window treatments for Melbourne homes. Shutters made from aluminium are waterproof and ideal for alfresco areas as they can withstand humidity without compromising their structure and finish. Because aluminium shutters are powder-coated, they’re less likely to chip and scratch, staying in mint condition for many years.

Timber plantation shutters are our preferred option if you’re looking for internal shutters.

Motorised blinds concealed in recessed pelmets

The latest window furnishing trends

Some window furnishing trends come and go, while others have the potential to last for a lot longer. Before you decide which type of window treatment to choose, take a look at the latest options on the market and which Melbourne home design trends will stand the test of time while elevating your home’s aesthetic and improving overall functionality.
Motorised skylight blinds in black with blinds on the exterior

1. Smart controlled window furnishings

Convenience at your fingertips with smart home technology is now more prevalent than ever before. Smart window coverings are no exception. Install smart plantation shutters, external blinds, curtains or awnings, and control them all with a single tap or touch of a button via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Not only is this feature incredibly easy to use, it’s especially useful if you’re away on holiday or keen to improve your energy efficiency at home.  

2. Textured fabrics

Fabrics made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled yarn are becoming increasingly widespread as recycled yarn is not only environmentally friendly but can emulate the softness of raw fibres. Textures can range from soft and luxurious to crushed looks and velvets. They do well in complementing a variety of colour palettes, including neutral and pastel tones, or rich shades of red and mustard.

Pair your textured fabrics with blockout curtains and combine them with roller blinds or Romans to achieve a dark and calming room at night. 

3. Artistic prints

Bring your interior spaces to life with printed fabrics. Print collections that feature designs in collaboration with local artists can result in a beautiful mix of traditional yet modern, or vibrant and bold styles, along with numerous other combinations for a contemporary look that can be incorporated into your curtains, Roman blinds and roller blinds. We’ve recently added the wonderful Ink and Spindle range of hand printed fabric designs to our range.

4. Versatile shading systems

Honeycomb blinds are growing in demand among homeowners in Melbourne for their versatility—they can be opened from either the top-down or bottom-up. Because of this, they offer more light and privacy control options while still looking elegant. Each blind can be opened to varying degrees from either the top or bottom, allowing you to control the amount of natural light that enters to create the ambience you want. Ideal for hard to reach highlight windows, our honeycombs now come with a motorised option.

External awnings, such as folding arm awnings, are rising in demand as they improve and maximise the use of outdoor living spaces and conveniently fold away when not in use.

Skylight blinds are another great option. External skylight blinds are best motorised for ease of use and can have sun sensors to trigger them automatically–they’re excellent at reducing heat gain. Internal skylight blinds are ideal to provide ample light control in bedrooms.

Folding Arm Awnings & Markilux Awnings Stockist - side view of a patio with roof and outdoor living space

5. Visually connecting indoor and outdoor spaces

Enhance the inside of your home by seamlessly connecting it with the outside. Large glass windows and sliding doors are an ideal way to bring abundant natural light into your home while enjoying views of your garden, patio or balcony from your indoor living spaces. Plantation shutters are an excellent window treatment for large glass windows and doors. Their panels have adjustable louvres that are easily opened to reveal uninterrupted outdoor scenery, and they also provide insulation when shut. This harmonious flow between the cosy indoors and fresh outdoors promotes a sense of peace and warmth while making the inside of your home appear more spacious.

Practical and on-trend window furnishing solutions

Ensure your window treatments are suitable for your home by consulting with an expert. SOM Blinds is a Melbourne-based window furnishings and motorised blinds specialist with over two decades of experience, including whole-home fit outs for new homes and renovation projects.

Our design consultants offer expert advice based on many years of experience working with interior designers, architects and builders.

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly fabrics for your curtains or award-winning blind and awning brands, SOM Blinds offers a broad range of the best custom-made window treatments available. Contact us on 03 9808 1807, or make an appointment to visit our showroom in Burwood to view our extensive selection of blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings for your Melbourne property. 

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